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A wheel with weights at the end controls the speed at which the gear moves. The heart cams control the hand's motion by driving another set of wheels. Heart cams can be operated in 10 seconds with the rate of rotation on the regulator, but it takes three minutes for the standard movement.

The Agenhor module developed for Pont des Amoureux 2019. The gold gear train near the top controls the on-demand pushing. The heart cams at the center of movement control the kiss. Johann Sauty.

The three gear systems being separate, you can activate the on-demand feature pretty much whenever you want. This includes when winding, adjusting the clock, or even with the crown removed.Patek Philippe replica watches Multiple triggers will only set off the operation once. The system is designed to prevent children from using it.

The gear train of the Pont des Amoureux 2019, which is operated on demand, has a column wheel that looks like an all-or nothing wheel. It also features a lever with a spring (not shown) to control the movement of the hands. Gold is used to show the regulator wheel at the top. Johann Sauty.

A World of Enamel

The lower level of the workshop is dedicated to enameling, movement design and decoration, as well as function. This is where the brand has developed its new/old grisaille method. Van Cleef previously worked with Dominique Baron. After her death, the brand purchased her studio and integrated her craftsmen into their workshop.

The miniature painting on the Autumn dial of the Pont des Amoureux. Johann Sauty.

Artists work here on various enameling techniques and micro-painting,Rolex Replica for Van Cleef as well as presumably other brands within the Richemont group (which is totally logical). Patek Philippe replica watches' enamelling studio has around 20 enamellers, making it one of the biggest we have seen. The studio produces many different enamel arts, including micro-painting, grisaille, paillonne and cloisonne. Each dial is produced between 40-150 hrs.