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The two arms that control the reverse motion of the Pont des Amoureux. These arms mesh together to allow hands to sync before lovers kiss. Johann Sauty.

A snail cam, located within the movement and under the hands and connected to the pinions of the hour and minute wheels, controls the retrograde function. The teethed arms have been decorated with two lovers having a flirtatious affair (hidden beneath the dial), which causes the time to jump from 12:03 to 12:03 at the end of the replica watches The arms are not just decorative; they must mesh to allow the hands on the dial to match up before the lovers meet.

The Agenhor AGH3052 is mounted over a ValFleurier caliber Q020 base movement. The base module was used in several omega replica watches, including the Lady Arpels Planetarium and Ronde de Papillon. The micro-rotor in the movement makes it a self-winding watch, as opposed to the original JLC 846. The micro-rotor is decorated with a fairy and the brand logo. The full rotor is unidirectional, so it's impossible to see the spinning even when under sapphire.

Under the sapphire, the micro-rotor is engraved with an image of lovers on a bridge. Case back also has an image of scene from the case. Image by Toh Si Jia/Revolution.

The micro-rotor is a small addition to the watch and movement, but it's not significant.IWC Replica Watches The intricately finished wheels that power the on-demand feature are also a part of the baseplate. The pusher at 7 o’clock is used to drive the first of four wheels and wind a tension spring.